Carnival and Disney Cruise Line have canceled

Cancelled the trips until the end of June, in light of the new guidelines of the health authority. The pressing of the companies, for Bloomberg opening in mid-summer. "Vaccinations essential"

Travel abroad: 5-day quarantine extended until April 30th.

Italy: The restrictions for travel abroad in Europe for tourism (double buffer and 5-day quarantine) have been extended until April 30. It...

Covid in the world (05-04-2021)

The numbers on coronavirus infections arriving from India are impressive, where 103,558 cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours, reaching a six-digit...

The rules of Easter and Easter Monday

ITALY Easter 2021 is a kind of deja vu from last year. Today and tomorrow it is allowed to leave the house only for...

New stop for Holland at AstraZeneca.

ROME. ITALY. There is no peace for the AstraZeneca vaccine. While the Netherlands suspends it until April 7, to avoid having to waste doses...

RKI registers 18,129 new corona infections

The complications of vaccination with AstraZeneca continue to cause uncertainty. Many Germans have lost confidence in the government's vaccination strategy. The promise that every...

U-Mask Model 2.1 stop on sale because of “Health Risks”

"Prohibition of placing on the market "and " withdrawal from the market " for the U-Mask Model 2.1 , the new version...

Covid collective immunity on July 14

"We now have the capacity to produce and supply our fellow Europeans with the 360 million doses of the vaccine expected at...

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Facebook users started deleting their accounts

During the Easter weekend, a database containing the phone numbers of half a billion Facebook users went around the web. If you are registered to Facebook, there is almost the certainty that also your number is finished in the list.
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American rapper DMX has died at the age of 50

American rapper DMX (real name Earl Simmons) has died at age 50 after being hospitalized last April 2 in New York City for a heart attack brought on by an overdose.

A yacht for Armani, his signature on a new 75-meter Admiral

Giorgio Armani give way to a new 75-meter boat, an Admiral with much more aggressive and futuristic lines being planned byThe Italian Sea Group.

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The impossible war of Joe Biden against the “ghost guns”

The impossible war of Joe Biden against the "ghost guns" that are built at home between online tutorials and 3D printers

A shooting at a Texas

At least one person was killed and five other people were injured — four of them critically — in a shooting at an industrial park Thursday in Bryan, Texas.
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Shouth Carolina Shooting

Another shooting in the United States, this time in South Carolina, where five people were killed in a house, including two children.