Privacy Guarantor asks Facebook for a service to verify data theft

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The Privacy Guarantor asks Facebook to take measures after the theft of data occurred to the detriment of 36 million Italians, almost all members of the social network. The Authority also warns that the possible use of stolen data is illegal.

In particular, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data asks the social network to immediately make available a service that allows Italian users to verify whether their phone number or email address have been affected by the violation. If so, in fact, the phone number could be used for a series of illicit behaviors, ranging from unwanted calls and messages up to serious threats such as the so-called ‘Sim swapping’, an attack technique that allows you to have access to the phone number of the legitimate owner and violate certain types of online services that use the phone number as an authentication system.

The Authority also reminds all users affected by the violation of the need to pay, in the coming weeks, particular attention to any anomalies related to their phone use: such as, for example, the sudden absence of field in places where normally the phone has a good reception. Such an event could be the signal that a criminal has taken possession of our phone number to use it for fraudulent purposes.  In this case, warns the Guarantor, “it is important to immediately contact the call center of your telephone operator to verify the reasons for the problem and, in particular, to verify that third parties, pretending to be us, have not asked and obtained a transfer of our number on another SIM.

The Guarantor finally draws the attention of all users “on the importance of being wary of any text messages from the phone number of people we know, with which they are asked for money, help or personal data, because it could be a scam operated by malicious people who have taken possession of our numbering.

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