Facebook users started deleting their accounts

During the Easter weekend, a database containing the phone numbers of half a billion Facebook users went around the web. If you are registered to Facebook, there is almost the certainty that also your number is finished in the list.

Rita: the app that shows us what Google and Facebook know about us

Since the end of March, a new app has been available on the App Store that simplifies access to personal information held by the...

Privacy Guarantor asks Facebook for a service to verify data theft

The Privacy Guarantor asks Facebook to take measures after the theft of data occurred to the detriment of 36 million Italians, almost all members...

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Победитель Family Fortunes получил огромную татуировку Джино Д'Акампо на руке после того, как заработал 30 тысяч фунтов стерлингов

Family Fortunes видит, что участники забирают домой немного денег, которые меняют жизнь, но одна недавняя победительница...

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The impossible war of Joe Biden against the “ghost guns”

The impossible war of Joe Biden against the "ghost guns" that are built at home between online tutorials and 3D printers

A shooting at a Texas

At least one person was killed and five other people were injured — four of them critically — in a shooting at an industrial park Thursday in Bryan, Texas.