This is how you can fulfill your dream of “little luxury” for your own home

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The classic wooden veranda with ornate pillars and railings painted white has burned itself into the cinematic memory in this country. Unforgettable, for example, are the scenes in which Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino” looks sullen and drinking bottled beer from his veranda at the street. No Western without shallow dialogues or at least a shootout on a veranda, no southern scenes without the typical sight of the often slightly raised porch.

In the USA, Australia, and sometimes also in Sweden, the veranda belongs entirely to street furniture, of course. In this country, on the other hand, the structurally and technically very practical house expansion is rarely found. But that seems to be changing. House manufacturers, some carpenters and specialist providers are observing growing interest in the “little luxury” for home ownership.

Less space in the flat

Perhaps it is due to changing weather conditions or the fact that newly built homes are more often on pedestrianized streets, or the Ikea effect, which is increasing Scandinavianisation especially with prefabricated house concepts. But no matter what the reason: In Germany, too, we could find the protective additions more frequently in the next few years.

It has not been historically proven, but some say that the veranda originated in Australia Has. It was often added to the colonial-style houses called Victorian Filigree there in the mid-19th century. Decorated with wrought iron grills, cast iron tips or wood fretwork, they also enhance the design of the house and offer an eye-catcher.

Less privacy than on a terrace

It is plausible that the veranda found its widespread use in rural and either particularly hot or humid regions. It offers visitors who are waiting in front of the door protection from the sun or bad weather, and the residents of the house can use it for peaceful breaks – including a view and fresh air.

In contrast to the winter garden , which is usually added to the back of a house, the veranda always surrounds the entrance area at the front of the house. In this respect, it is most closely related to the portico of Roman architecture.

On the veranda you don’t have the privacy that a terrace offers. Perhaps that is also why it did not fit the lifestyle of German residential estates so far.

Only some older village houses in Germany have a veranda, either open or closed. In the village of Brodowin in Brandenburg, for example, almost all of the old village houses on the village green have a veranda. The new houses fit into this tradition and were also provided with a veranda.

Oliver Al-Hashimy-Kaesebier observes that modern builders are discovering the advantages of the extension. He has a joinery in Hamburg and is a veranda specialist. “People looking to build a porch often look on Google and find my photo of a Swedish-style wooden porch painted white,” he says.

She is built in front of a brick house with a gable roof, as can often be found in the Hamburg area. Instead of a normal front staircase leading to the entrance, Al-Hashimy-Kaesebier built a kind of platform here, to which steps lead up in two directions.

There is space for a bench behind a balustrade that the hosts can rest and overlook the front yard. The roof of the veranda is exactly at the height of the eaves. A rain gutter can be installed here, but does not have to.

What builders should know: There is no building permit for a veranda Mandatory in every federal state. It can be, however, and that also depends on the size of the veranda, or on whether it is open or closed.

A closed construction with simple windows could be called a structural expansion are considered. That can cost money – or it can even be prohibited afterwards. Therefore: it is better to inform in advance.

If you ask Al-Hashimy-Kaesebier about the costs, you will get evasive answers. The extensions are very individual, he says. In general, the costs would be between 10,000 euros and 50,000 euros.

The veranda must be firmly anchored

Al-Hashimy-Kaesebier attaches great importance to not using tropical wood when building verandas. “Instead, we prefer to use local woods such as larch or robinia. Robinia in particular is very robust and has a long shelf life, ”says Al-Hashimy-Kaesebier. Thermowood or WPC, i.e. wood-plastic composites, can also be used as weather-resistant flooring.

In general, the wooden veranda does not require any special care, says the veranda specialist. According to Al-Hashimy-Kaesebier, a wooden veranda will definitely last for 30 years. “Usually even for a lifetime.” The protruding roof protects the construction, and the wood can therefore withstand longer periods of time than an open terrace in the garden.

For construction purposes, in front of the house entrance door Point concrete foundations poured into the ground. The veranda extension itself is then connected to the wall of the house with thick screws. Actually a simple thing. “Strong winds create an attack surface through the canopy, which is why stable anchoring is necessary here,” says the carpenter.

If you want to save money, you can also use a prefabricated kit. The company Skan Holz offers a canopy made of untreated softwood that rests on solid wooden pillars. With a size of 2.4 meters by 1.5 meters, it is relatively small and has a very simple design, but costs only around 1500 euros, including assembly.

Whoever likes the rustic If you like style and have a house in the village, the veranda can also be built with natural wood logs. The gnarled trunks then give the entrance area the flair of a Canadian log cabin – but this only fits a few house types in Germany.

Prefabricated house providers are picking up on the trend

The sustainable version of the veranda, made of recycled parts, is not for everyone. Lovers show examples of old wooden doors, wooden windows and other parts on social media platforms. For this shabby chic, however, the help of a specialist is necessary.

Even manufacturers of prefabricated houses have adapted to the increased demand. The company Schwörer Haus from Hohenheim-Oberstetten builds houses planned by local architects. “We offer the veranda at our country house,” says Carola Kochner from Schwörer Haus.

This “country” version is most likely to be reminiscent of the cinematic role models. The front terrace takes up almost the entire length of the entrance front. Optionally, it is also available with a staircase and classic wooden railing. The provider “Bostonhaus” goes even further. He delivers complete houses in US optics.

Especially companies that build wooden structures usually offer a veranda. There are variants in which the construction even runs all the way around the house. That takes space, but every moment, from the morning sun to the evening sun, can be enjoyed with fresh air.

And another advantage comes into play: the extension protects against unpleasant weather conditions. Wind and cold are kept away, in summer the sunshine again.

Once the fresh air anteroom is there, clever decoration ideas come to mind. A lot can be attached to the crossbar under the ceiling, such as a Hollywood swing. Decorated with soft pillows, you can hardly think of a better place for a sundowner in front of your own home. Or you can do it like Clint Eastwood and set up a couple of weathered rocking chairs, the neighbors always in view.

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